Our Company engages in projects that will reenergize communities for years to come. 


SSGRP Accredited Partnerships

We acquire, improve, reposition, develop, and hold commercial real estate. With our partners, we exploit emerging opportunities in the market: maximizing asset values and achieving high rates of return on investment for our clients.

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SSGRP Real Estate Investments

SSGRP invests in existing stable residential rental properties, undervalued properties or empty lots that provide an opportunity to achieve an un-leveraged 5%-6% cash-on-cash return and a long term Internal Rate of Return IRR of 10%-15%.

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The bright side of agriculture: food security through innovative production.  SSGRP is focused on responding to a variety of global pressures, we use technology to deliver food with the freshest taste and highest nutrient content to consumers.

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SSGRP Development Services

Acting as an investment partner, consultant, developer, or manager, we bring a fresh and resourceful approach to problem sites, creating successful opportunities on a practical, cost-conscious & community-sensitive basis.

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Esconse* Brand Management

Esconse* creates effective business solutions. Our extended branding and IT services employ a “design thinking” approach to find new, innovative avenues for growth that are grounded in business viability and market desirability.

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